About The Project

In the distant year of 2020 tensions mount as two opposing government corporations clash in the settlement of Veron-4. As conflicts escalate in the spaceports, two star-crossed lovers will challenge everything to be together…

Yeah, you know the story. But, this time it has fishbowl helmets and lasers. Because, it’s in space.

Sorry. “Spaaaaaaaaaaace.”

Fishbowl helmets. Lasers. Spaceships. Codpieces. Bunkers. Martian landscapes. Alien pharmacists. Scenery so thoroughly chewed it might as well be paste. All in a matter of tightly cut, action-packed, farcical minutes. Because the only thing better than making a short film is making the trailer for a short film that doesn’t exist.

The Goal

A 3-5 minute short film in trailer format. Short scenes, quick cuts, and a focus on only the highlights of the story. Low budget, emphasis on fun. Ed Wood-style.

The Story

A humorous 1950’s space pulp take on William Shakespeare’s timeless classic “Romeo and Juliet.” Conceived originally as a set of photos by artist Zed Martinez and expanded into a full script by international actor and director Thomas Cardwell.

What We’re Looking For

Currently we’re looking for like-minded creatives in the greater Indianapolis area interested in throwing in to help us make this a reality. While we’ve got the script and are working on the shooting schedule and casting, there’s still a lot to do–from costuming to props to sets and location scouting. Heck, we’ve even got ourselves a robot to build. We’re certainly both driven and effective creatives, but we know we won’t be able to do this alone and your help would be invaluable. If you’re interested, reach out to either of us via the methods on The Team page, or try our general Contact Form.