Memento Mori
Oil, oil stick, and spray saint on canvas. 2015
Face #2
Oil on hardboard. 2020
Into Whatever Future Might Come
Oil on canvas. 2019. Commission for Ryan and Carrie Powell.
Oil on canvas. 2019
Oil on canvas. 2019
Oil on canvas. 2018
The Car Undone By The Bachelor's Party, Even
Oil, spray paint, car wreckage on particle board. 2018
Cockatiel Attacks!
Oil, paintstick on canvas. 2005
Hello There, Mr. Snake!
Oil on board. 2010
Oil on board. 2010
House of Leaves
Oil, ribbon, plexiglass, insulation, ash on canvas, wood. 2006
Nothing To Say And Everything To Lose
Oil on canvas. 2010
Oil on hardboard. 2007
Lipstick 66
Oil on board. 2011
Fair Trade
Oil on canvas. 2011
Naught But An Odd Tree
Oil on plexiglass, fresnel lens. 2008
Face #1
Oil on canvas. 2013
Grump #1
Oil on canvas. 2013
Albert Speer
Oil on canvas. 2013
To Have And To Hold Back
Oil on canvas. 2009
4:30am EST November 9, 2016
Oil, plexiglass on hardboard. 2016
The Serpent, The Fall, And The American Dream
Oil on glass door. 2014
Vanity Affair
Oil on board. 2009
Ugh. Slagged.
Oil, caulk, USB cable on boards. 2019
Jumping Puzzles
Oil on board. 2019
Boy Meets Girl, Girl Is Bitch
Oil on canvas. 2005
Girl Meets Boy, Boy Is Dick
Oil on canvas. 2009