Satan's Lament
Oil on canvases, approx 47x54"
It Isn't Islam That Worries Me
Oil on hardboard, approx 18.25x26.75"
4 O'Clock in 202
Oil on canvas, approx 48x24"
Fingers Are Made For Pointing
Oil on hardboar, approx 26.75x48"
Couples Are Extra
Oil on hardboar, approx 48x26.75"
Show Daddy
Oil on hardboar, approx 48x26.5"
Oil on hardboar, approx 48x26.75"
4:30am EST November 9,2016
Oil, plexiglass on hardboard approx 27.75x14.75"
Ugh. Slagged.
Oil, caulk, USB cable on particle boards, approx 15.5x13.75"
Oil on canvas, approx 18x24"
Grump #1
Oil on canvas, approx 32x16"
Oil on hardboard, approx 72x48"
Nothing To Say And Everything To Lose
Oil on canvas, approx 60x48"
Face #2
Oil on hardboard, approx 15x26.25"