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Some More Shots Tonight

You know what, I get tired of playing it straight with photos sometimes. These are all silly shots, they get silly processing and I love it.

Some Shots From Tonight

Rain be damned, these badassery shots just called out for some of that Fight Club/Die Hard 4 uber-grittiness.

Walk, Walk, Walk

Quick reminder, all, the next photo walkabout is tomorrow evening, 6:30pm, Coxhall Park, Carmel, Indiana. Bring a camera of any variety, because, well, it’s about the pictures and not the equipment. And boy, we do intend to take some pictures.

Catching Up On Photos: Night Walk

OK, I finally got some overdue photos processed tonight, so let’s start with the results of the other week’s “Nick and Derek’s Photo Walkabout: Night Edition.”

Thanks to Bill, Tony, Nakul, Sarah, and everyone else who came out with Nick and I despite the late hour. It was a good deal of fun.

Photo Walkabout Commences in 1:13

In an hour thirteen the next walkabout commences, so it’s time for y’all to close out the Facespaces and start making your way to the intersection of New York and West in downtown Indy to meet Mr. henry and myself for a couple hours of night shooting at the canal.

Fail to do so and we take no responsibility for the life of regret you will lead as a result.

Shots From Last Week’s Photo Walkabout

In continuing build to get more of y’all out to this week’s walkabout, here’re some shots I took out at last week’s with DJ Jared.

Again, this week’s is Thursday, downtown Indianapolis. No cost, just show up and be cool. We’re meeting at West and New York, be there before 9pm.

Now, the pictures!