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Tomorrow Night My First Solo Show Opens

Naught But An Odd Tree

Sorry there’s little to no fanfare about this, I’ve been buried in getting the actual works ready.Tonight I’m finishing some framing work, and tomorrow my first solo show We Search For Another is being hung at Urban Element.

The initial body will be eleven pieces, including Naught But An Odd Tree, Cockatiel Attacks!, A Longing to Belong, Boy Meets Girl, Girl Is Bitch and Girl Meets Boy, Boy Is Dick, A Road Alone, The Infinite Wall Of Failed Communication, Sometimes It’s Over, Vanity Affair, A Connection, and To Have Or To Hold Back. There’re a few more works in the collection, including a new diptych and the second largest piece I’ll have ever done that’ll materialize at the reception, the date of which is yet unknown.

At any rate, these works will be up for about a month, and they’re all for sale, so make sure you swing by Urban Element and check’em out. Drop me a line and I’ll meet you there and we can discuss the works over drinks. I’ll keep you posted on the reception, as I’m sure everyone wants to see my mysterious new big painting.

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