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Van Gogh Museum Detailing Restoration Process for “The Bedroom”

Photo by The Van Gogh Museum

Found this via Modern Art Notes and my morning perked up instantly. The Van Gogh Museum is apparently running a mini-site and blog for the restoration of the first and original copy of Van Gogh’s The Bedroom. They’ve got a history on the piece, a glorious full-size image of it, an examination of it’s condition, and have begun blogging the whole restoration process.

Now, anyone who knows me knows I get into art criticism and history only casually, I like knowing enough to get by and I figure the rest is in a book and I’ll look it up as it becomes relevant/as my interest swings to a particular style. I’ve always been something of a bad art student in this regard. That said, the process by which a painting is restored has always fascinated me (not enough to pursue it as a field, mind you), and there’s no denying the Van Gogh was an early influence on me as an artist and my current style of working owes a lot to that early influence.  So, this will be especially exciting for me to watch.

So, hit the external link below to head over to the mini-site yourself. I just added it to my feed reader so I don’t miss a thing.