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Privacy in America: Get Over Yourselves


By Wildcardz Designs

OK, so, I jst saw this shirt and t set me off. Not because it’s not funny, it is. I love a good parody of technical stuff, that’s part of being a geek. No, it’s because people continue to have it in their heads that Google Street View somehow violates their right to privacy. This is connected to the false harassments a lot of photographers suffer these days, so it’s something of a sore spot for me.

Unless I’m mistaken, and please, if you have a degree in law and know otherwise feel free to correct or clarify me, but unless otherwise posted your default rights to privacy in America go about like this:

If you are in a public or public-owned space, or are viewable from a  public or public-owned space without otherwise establishing a reasonable expectation of privacy (tall fence, hedges, enclosed shack, private residence), then YOU ARE IN PUBLIC.

For those of you a little slow on the uptake, that means that in general if a friggin’ van driving down a road happens to record you doing something on a sidewalk, the problem wasn’t the van but you forgetting you were in public. Use your heads, people.

Also, to bring this back around to photography, try to remember that photography is at an all-time popularity high, and that if you’re in a public space then you don’t have the right to get upset with someone taking your picture (although you have some recourse if someone tries to sell images that depend mostly on you without your permission.) This extends to everyone, even kids.

Stop assuming everyone has evil or unlawful attentions, people. Please? Be reasonable, think before you get up in arms. Most people with a camera are just people, not terrorists or pedophiles. Stop assuming we are.