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Moar Portraits Of People I’ve Never Met Progress


I think I’m calling this one done. Anyone remember when art was fun, and you could just do a piece and not labor over every aspect of it and wonder what people were going to think of it and whether or not you’re just a two-bit hack pushing some pigment around to no avail?

Yeah, me either. I’m trying, though. I don’t remember getting into this for it to seem like work. There’s work for that.

Portraits Of People I’ve Never Met

So, I’ve had an idea for a while to start doing portraits based off the 30 second sketches I used to do of classmates in university, and which I might start doing again down on the circle or at Starbucks. The sketches are very quick, and crude, with mostly angular representations of real features. So far the result is looking a bit like fauvism and cubism had a fucked-up-flipper-baby, but, I like the experience of working in a slightly different style, you know?