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Weekend Politics: The Plight of Planned Parenthood


I’m not often a political person. For better or worse, that’s a truth. I have many beliefs, but tend to take a passive stance on supporting them. But, there’re a few things I have pretty staunch stances on, and one of those is what often gets pejoratively dismissed as a pro-choice stance. But, what I stand firm on more is the necessity of keeping abortion legal. Even discounting that abortions rates have, all on their own, been going down steadily for years and years, outlawing abortion won’t actually stop it. It’ll just make it ridiculously more dangerous to women. According to one set of numbers I’ve seen, maternal mortality rate is 275 times higher in countries where abortion is legal. And that’s the conservative number, for some countries with legal abortion the mortality rate is closer to 1600 times less. And, never mind that education about the proper use of contraceptives is a factor which does actually decrease the number of abortions performed a year (in some numbers from Januray, 54% of women who got abortions were using contraceptives, but among those women only 13% of pill users and 14% of condom users admitted they were using them correctly). Nevermind that if you don’t believe in abortion, you just need to teach kids the alternatives to it, like safe sex, responsibility, or adoption.

But, over this topic, Planned Parenthood is under attack both here in Indiana, and thanks to us on a national level as well. And, this is bad. Not just because attacking abortion is dangerous, but because abortion is only one of very few services Planned Parenthood is offering. Now, I’m not a lady folk, and I haven’t relied on them personally, so, I’m not going to try and sell their importance to you. It’d ring a bit hollow. Instead, I’ll send you to a post from a lady who does use them, and other ladies who do.


Now, for my part, the bits below are some of the key highlights to pay attention to:

However, almost nothing has been said about how for many women, Planned Parenthood is their primary care provider. I can go to my neighborhood clinic or the emergency room, and walk out with hundreds of dollars in bills for a cough that still won’t go away.  But at Planned Parenthood, I can let them know that I am low on cash, and they will normally find a way to help me that stays in budget.


Now, consider for a second, the alternative. As we saw earlier this year, Kermit Gosnell was indicted on murder charges for the shop of horrors he ran masquerading as a medical clinic. He performed abortions that were unsafe, took extravagant amounts of money from women who were desperate, and didn’t even provide them with the most basic of care.  Not only are House Representatives cutting the funding for preventative measures to reduce the number of abortions performed, but they are also delivering women into yet another era of dirty back alley clinics and unlicensed people preying on desperation.


So, I don’t especially care right now what your stance is, pro-choice or pro-life. Neither side should be for this. By attempting to outlaw abortion, more women will die. If you’re pro-life, I urge you to talk to people in your life about the need for safe medicine, and about options like adoption. If you’re pro-choice, I urge you to have exactly those same talks, and to especially consider adoption over abortion after the first nine weeks or so. What no one should want is to make it any harder for women in this country to get safe medical treatment, OK?

Statistics on abortion in America here: http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/fb_induced_abortion.html

Some information on it globally here: http://isla.igc.org/Features/Globalization/AbortionsEng.html