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Lots Of Photo Walk Images Up On Flickr

Just spent a bit of time today uploading all the images I have from photo walks I’ve done with Roberts up on the old Flickr account. So, there’s a bunch of new and old shiny for you to rub your peepers all over here.

But, should the galleries below not be enough, you should hit up the Flickr group for all the photo walkers and see a bunch more results from these. And that can be found here.

[tylr-slidr userID=”50689522@N04″ groupID=””]http://www.flickr.com/photos/zedmartinez/sets/72157626522810747/[/tylr-slidr]

These are from last night’s walk with model Amanda, who was lovely and patient. We also got a lot of help from local wiz Paul D’Andrea, who brought a surprising amount of gear that we all played around with, making most of these shots possible. Thanks to the both of them for helping create such a good experience.

[tylr-slidr userID=”50689522@N04″ groupID=””]http://www.flickr.com/photos/zedmartinez/sets/72157626647389730/[/tylr-slidr]

And these are my shots from the last two years. Well, some of them, not all. And a lot of behind-the-scenes goodness, since I think that’s important.

Shooting a rockstar shot tonight. Keep your eyes peeled.

Duck Duck Goose

Some shots from last Monday’s installment of Nick and Derek’s Photo Walkabout:

Photo Walkabout Treks the Canal, Goes Vampire

walkaboutNick and I will once again be representing Grimey Studios and Roberts Imaging in the field as we invite everyone out for a free night of shooting, advice, and community. This time we’ll be hitting the White River Canal, downtown Indianapolis. Grab a camera, grab a friend (or two), tell a student, and meet us out there. For added fun, it’s a late shoot. We’ll be meeting at 9:00PM so we can try and catch the canal at night, with everything lit up in gorgeous and unusual colors.

This is a great photographic experience for shooters of all experience levels. For those of you just getting going you’ll have the challenge of shooting a night scene and get some experience with IS and tripods, and for you seasoned vets it never hurts to push yourself to find interest in what’s presented to you.

You can check out some shots from last week’s shoot at the Roberts Raw blog.

Nick and I also maintain a Flickr group through Roberts for anyone who shows up to any photo walkabout to post shots to, and you can find that here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/nick-and-dereks-walkabout/

As always, these photo walkabouts are free, just show up. We hope to see you there.

Photo Walk Walks Again This Tuesday

20090811-DSC_5661Whew, s’been a while since I blogged this up here, but if you’ve missed the Grimey Studios / Roberts Imaging photowalks, we’ve been doing them, I’ve just been forgetting to say so.

So. We’re walking this coming Tuesday, which is all August 18th and stuff. Meeting place: downtown Indianapolis, Illinois and Washington (under the Artsgarden, outside the Champps). Bring a camera, a friend, a spouse, extra batteries. If you’re down, bring a buck or two to throw towards whatever model I can scare up to work with us (yes, we’re gonna try to go back to shooting models, I like’em.)

This’ll be rain or shine, my droogies. Rain we go inside to the mall and Artsgarden, shine we stay outside around the same. It’ll be good for urban portraiture: glass and steel and cement all around. And aesthetically-pleasing glass, concrete, and cement at that.

So, if you want more pictures like the one at right (that’s Erin, who kindly donated her time and sexiness to our last photowalk with Nikon and Jeff Penn), then be sure to, you know, be there, if you can.

PhotoWalk Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the… somethingth… photo walk Nick and I will have hosted. 6:30, outside Roberts downtown Indianapolis. Yadda yadda. But, I gotta say, the days are getting prettier and prettier, might be about time to start bringing models back out, I think. I’ve been itching to work on some more natural light portraits for that pesky Grimey portfolio I’m still kinda working on in the background.

Anyway. Photo walk. Tomorrow. Grab a camera, come meet Nick and myself, we like seeing you out there with us.