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Disney Princesses Get Upgrades

"Beauty and the Beast," by J Scott Campbell

So, this is kinda all over the internet, so don’t let me be the one to not post it myself. Comic book artist J. Scott Campbell (DangerGirl, Spider-Man, Army of Darkness) has inked up his own interpretations of Disney princesses (and one queen, obviously evil). I’m still pretty spent from a lot of biking and lack of caffeine, so, I’ll leave any open debate about the merits of these as art to you, dear readers. Some topics I’m sure you’ll want to cover are:

  1. How inappropriate it is to sexualize child icons
  2. How solidly executed his renditions are.
  3. How comic books, like video games, aren’t art, silly Martinez.
  4. Where the hell is Jasmine?
  5. Ponderings on how this affects copyright, and how long you think it’ll be before Disney lays the smack down on somebody.
  6. Sleeping Beauty’s tits (and their corresponding niceness).

And… go!