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First Friday Things

It’s First Friday, the big arts day here in Indianapolis, when all the big shows open and people actually go out and pretend they care about art. I tend not to follow too closely what’s going on any given First Friday (except when I worked with MEA, because we did closing shows on FFs). But, this week, two talented people I know have shows opening (sadly, in opposite parts of the scene, which’ll make scheduling rough).

Up first is Nathan Monk with Tre Reising doing a collaborative show called “Nathan Monk in NoSpace.” I can’t tell you what it’s about, because I don’t really know. It’ll be a wonderful surprise when I get there. You’ll find this show at the Wheeler Arts Community in Fountain Square tonight.

The other show includes Paul D’Andrea, who I’ve met a couple times. He and a good number of other people are opening a show at the Stutz called “Social Currency.” From the Stutz blog:

How do the photos you post on Facebook affect your social currency? How does the photography reflect your communities and how you interact with them? These are some of the issues fine art photographers will explore in “Social Currency,” an exhibition opening March 4 at STUTZARTSPACE.

Showcasing a range of photography, the exhibit will look at how photographs are used and shared within communities and social networks, both online and offline.

Sounds like an interesting show, really. As covered, that’ll be at the Stutz from 5-9pm tonight. You can read more about it via the link below: