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Papyrus Must Die: A Tumblr By Yours Truly

So, I’m an opinionated man. This is hardly news to anyone familiar with me, and I’ve come to terms with it over the years. I’m also a designer by trade and education, so, some strong feelings towards fonts are to be suspected. Usually, if I leave it there, people say “Comic Sans,” but you know what? Old Comic Sans doesn’t bother me that much. Maybe it’s Vincent Connare’s interesting explanation of it. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s actually good for use in comics, where a cliched quasi-handwritten font is perfectly A-OK. But you know, I think it’s because designers as a whole seem to hate Comic Sans, and don’t use it for things. People do, it gets used for office memos and lost dog fliers, sure. But designers on the whole know better.

Papyrus, though. Now Papyrus is a different beast. I’ve seen two logos in the past week use it. And numerous products. And stores. And email signatures. It’s like anytime someone wants something more exotic than Times or Helvetica, they break out the Papyrus. “Ooh, look at us,” they seem to say, “we’re exotic.”

Except they aren’t, are they? They’re abusing just another novelty font that was never intended to be used as it is. And it’s awful. But, for some reason, there’s no big stink over Papyrus like there is for Comic Sans.

Fuck that. I hate Papyrus. With a passion.

And, because the internet demands that any possible passion be expressed as a photo Tumblr, I have one. it’s called Papyrus Must Die. it’ll document all my blood-pressure raising findings of Papyrus in a world that needs to let it go. You should follow it, and rage with me. It’ll be fun. probably just for me, but maybe I’ll save some for you, too.