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More Pakistani Art: A Quote From Ali Raza

<i>No Two Burns Are The Same</i>, Ali Raza

No Two Burns Are The Same, Ali Raza

I want to share a recipe that I recently tried for my new works. Tear out some lustrous, colorful, printed advertisements from any magazine that make no sense to you. I mostly use art magazines. Now cook these ads on your barbeque grill outside until they are well-done and all of the colors, words, and images are barely visible and have turned to various shades of black. Now carefully place the fragile ashes of ads onto a plate or into a container with the help of a steel spatula and cover them immediately so they do not spread around your neighborhood, or your neighbors may get suspicious and uneasy. Please be careful, as the ads might still be very hot. Wait for few minutes and let these cool down. Then the ingredients will be ready for use in collage to make images of your choice. Sift humor and serious contents according to your personal taste. You will still be able to see impressions of the fragmented, burnt information within your images. Now enjoy this food of thought called ash-story or ashistory.

I think Ali Raza just got added to my shortlist of artist heroes.

From the site for Asia Society’s “Hanging Fire” exhibit.

Modern Pakisatani Art

<i>Arabian Delight</i>, Huma Mulji

Arabian Delight, Huma Mulji

So, I’ve started reading this article on an exhibit by the Asia Society of modern Pakistani Art, and had to stop for a moment as I got distracted by this piece titled Arabian Delight by female artist Huma Mulji.

Yes, that’s a taxidermy camel. In a suitcase. Can I get a “woah?!”

That piece is totally worth the use of an interrobang. More of her work here.

Ok, lunch, then finishing that article. You are all dismissed for now.