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Interesting Insight Into Cellphone Industrial Design

So, a few people close to me have encountered my fascination with modern smartphone design. It’s a product that combines a lot of things, from industrial design to OS and interface design and back around to content and app design within an established language. And, that’s all actually very cool to examine and see how all the bits come together, and how decisions at one point are reflected throughout. And, it’s pretty easy to think that Apple with its ground-breaking and totally iconic iPhone is really the only “design” in the game, but that’s really just not true.

And so, I was glad to finally have a chance to sit down and watch this interview Engadget did with Nokia’s VP of Industrial Design, Stefan Pannenbecker, where they talk about several aspects of design within an ecosystem that extends all the way from a flagship superphone all the way down to regular old annual cellphone models, and just how much these every day objects are actively designed with goals and motifs in mind. If you haven’t stopped to think about just how much most of the items in your life have been designed, whether they seem “designer” or not, this is probably a good place to start.

And, if you’re a fan of the Lumia design aesthetic like me, you’ll probably be happy to get an actual answer about why the Lumia 900 has a flat screen instead of the elegantly curved one of the Lumia 800.

Check the video out from the external link. It’s worth it.