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ZmZ App Beta Coming Along

So, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve been working with the lovely Bernhard Thielen of Fourspot Project (who makes the WP Google Reader app NewsSpot that I’ve helped with graphics work on) to make an app for Zed Martinez. Since I’m a big advocate of Windows Phone, and since he’s a WP dev, it’s so far just for this platform (which I know most of you don’t use), but I’ve had the most recent beta for a couple days now, and I have to say it’s going to be a gorgeous thing. Partly this is because Windows Phone with the paradigm-formerly-known-as-metro makes it easy to make things look good, and partly it’s because the clean, whitespace-heavy design of WP apps works well with the style I’ve always used for this site. And it doesn’t hurt that Bernhard has been working hard to make it chock full of awesome features. When done, the app will support viewing blog posts, viewing and adding comments to posts, viewing galleries in a native viewer (with pinch/push zoom mechanics), the ability to view images from my Google Plus stream, links to contact and interact with me, and even a collection of wallpapers I made specially to look awesome on Windows Phone’s lockscreen. As well as a bunch of WP-specific things, like fast resume, live tiles for both the main app as well as for specific galleries, and other goodies. it’s going to be awesome, and should support all major versions of WP once we get it done.

After that, I’ll see how I feel about getting it made for you Android/iOS people out there (if you’re an iOS/Android dev who’d be willing to cut a poor artist a hot deal, let me know). But I gotta say, I can’t imagine anything for them looking as sexy as this:


















NewsSpot Makes Top 100 Windows Phone Apps List

I was reading over a list from UK tech site Electricpig of their favorite 100 Windows Phone apps (now that there’s a market big enough to have favorites), and lo and behold, I see a familiar icon floating around in the list. Congratulations to FourSpotProject for this, and stay tuned for what I’m hearing will be a nice update to the app soon.

NewsSpot (And Thus Me) Featured on WP7 Marketplace


Hey, look, it’s Mr. Bernhard Thielen’s excellent NewsSpot app for Google Reader featured there, with my icon work. Mmm. Feels good. Also, still an excellent app. If you’ve made the jump to what I’m convinced is the only mobile platform actually built on solid design theory, why not pick up a copy? It’s worth the coin (and, I don’t get a cut, so, this isn’t some shameless shill just to line my own pockets here, I designed the icon for Bernhard because I think his company was doing good work and wanted to support that.).

NewsSpot: Designing an Icon

I don’t often talk about design on here, despite it actually being my primary source of income and the art that I do the most. And this seems like an oversight. So today I have a special post talking about the making of a little design work I had some fun with recently. And, it’s icon design, which is something I don’t think people actually have cause to stop and think about enough, despite it being such a huge part of the modern technological world.

So, I have recently spent some time helping a studio called FourSpotProject with an icon design for their Windows Phone app, NewsSpot. I’ve done this for a lot of reasons. One is, I have been and remain a big proponent of Microsoft’s very slick, very elegant Metro interface, and the platforms that use it. I’m also more than a little bit of a Google Reader junkie, if Google’s stats are to be believed:

That’s a lot of feeds, I think. And, as such, a good, solid Google Reader app is something I put a lot of faith in on a phone. Problem is, with Windows Phone being as young as it is, not a lot of really good Google Reader apps have come out yet. So, when a new one showed up on XDA Developers, I was more than happy to try it out. And, it was really pleasantly speedy, and elegant.

So, one thing lead to another, and ended with me helping out with a new icon design to help reflect the elegance and class of the app itself. Which lead to a rather fun bit of design.