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NewsSpot: Designing an Icon

I don’t often talk about design on here, despite it actually being my primary source of income and the art that I do the most. And this seems like an oversight. So today I have a special post talking about the making of a little design work I had some fun with recently. And, it’s icon design, which is something I don’t think people actually have cause to stop and think about enough, despite it being such a huge part of the modern technological world.

So, I have recently spent some time helping a studio called FourSpotProject with an icon design for their Windows Phone app, NewsSpot. I’ve done this for a lot of reasons. One is, I have been and remain a big proponent of Microsoft’s very slick, very elegant Metro interface, and the platforms that use it. I’m also more than a little bit of a Google Reader junkie, if Google’s stats are to be believed:

That’s a lot of feeds, I think. And, as such, a good, solid Google Reader app is something I put a lot of faith in on a phone. Problem is, with Windows Phone being as young as it is, not a lot of really good Google Reader apps have come out yet. So, when a new one showed up on XDA Developers, I was more than happy to try it out. And, it was really pleasantly speedy, and elegant.

So, one thing lead to another, and ended with me helping out with a new icon design to help reflect the elegance and class of the app itself. Which lead to a rather fun bit of design.