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More Paint Updates

Got some more work done tonight on the noir series (Sange and Lit Cigarette are done, just working on the eponymous Noir now), and on “Memories of My Life As A Bird.” Thoughts from tonight:

  • Cerulean blue is not as cool as pthalo.
  • Payne’s gray is a color I could totally mix, but as often as I want to use specifically it, it’s worth continuing to buy in tubes.
  • I’ve been unhappy with a completely organic development on Noir (drizzled color mixed with varying amounts of oil and OMS and allowed to flow across the surface by tilting the canvas), but don’t like the idea of adding too much rigid structure yet. So, I’ve settled for controlling things a bit by using a palette knife in areas, and when I do go organic I have started stopping or reversing the flow to exert some order over the resulting chaos.
  • There will always be left over paint. There will always be another canvas needing its surface developed. Luckily, these two things suggest themselves as solutions for one another.