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Guerilla Fiction

6. Guerrilla fiction favors the promotion of art through direct connection between the artist and audience – using web sites, social networks, community involvement, word of mouth, and face-to-face human interaction.

7. Guerrilla fiction makes the distribution of art an extension of the interpersonal relationship between the artist and the audience, rather than the commercial relationship between the publisher and the consumer.

8. Guerrilla fiction believes that getting art to the audience is more important than getting money to the artist.

From the “Guerilla Fiction Manifesto” from (by?) Moxie Mezcal. Is it just me or would those all be equally valid if you substituted “art” in for “fiction” at any point? I mean, I’m not really upset when I sell a painting, something has to buy the scotch around here, but I really do think there’s a lot more merit in doing the art and making sure people have ready access to it and creating, to use a rare buzzword, a dialog between artist and viewer. Art is personal, any capital merit it has is secondary.