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A Taste of Things to Come

So, I had my first of (hopefully) twelve Machines of Loving Grace inspired shoots yesterday, and after the initial chaos with set-up and the MUA being late, we got things sorted had some fun shooting. Or, I did at least.

While I think I’ve made my selection (three hours to get a single photo), I’m still doing my post-processing on it and a few other selections, so I don’t have anything but teasers to show yet. But, soon enough.

More to come…

“Suzie, Every Alchemical Fuck Is A Masaccio Exchange…”

Suzie, every alchemical fuck is a Masaccio exchange: sex for desire, desire for obscenity, and–ultimately–desire for pain.

Such is the opening line from the Machines of Loving Grace’s second album, Concentration. And, you might’ve guessed, where the name of this blog came from. The Machines of Loving Grace’s body of work became characterized to me by their inimitable and unmatched penchant for wrapping dark sexuality, societal commentary, and surprisingly literary allusion into one seamless flood, rich with nuance and suggestion. They’re a major source of influence in how I examine issues these days, and a constant companion in my studio.

And, this year marks the 15th year since they disbanded. So, in honor of everything they so obviously unintentionally did for me, I’m going to dedicate this year to examining some of the images they created, including the wonderful Masaccio exchange. I’m also going to produce a unified body of work, one piece each month, each inspired by or based on one of their songs. I’m shooting the first one next weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for that.