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Day 1 on a Mac

Well, this officially marks my first day as a Mac user. Voluntarily, this time, unlike at the design department. I gotta say, OSX has come a long way since it’s early incarnations, but, all of its improvements alone I don’t think would be enough to accomodate my workflow if not for one thing: the new 4-finger gesture touchpads. Keyboard shortucts are marvelous, but Exposé, which makes multitasking on a Mac possible, is normally bound to the function keys all the way on the other side of my keyboard from the Scared Touch Pad where all my navigation work is done.

Or, now I can flip my fingers up or down. Guess which is more useful? Actually, the gestures are so useful they might be my new favorite time-saver, supplanting the all-mighty Alt+Tab. Now that’s impressive.

Oh, and pinch-push scales my thumbnails in LR, and yes, rotating on the touchpad rotates my images. That’s workflow I can get behind.

Early to Rise, Cerulean to Canvas

Well, early to rise by this artist/blogger’s sleep-encrusted standards. And, hot on the heels of finishing up Steph’s painting, I started today by laying down some base coat on a brand new shiny one. And, for further surprise, I even know what this one will be called, no silly working titles (just silly actual titles).


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the future Vanity Affair:

(And hey, look! It’s the Macbook keyboard piece in progress too. It also has a title, shock gasp, and it will be Popularity Contest.)