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Don’t Leave ORANJE Empty-Handed

As you might be vaguely aware, ORANJE is coming up on us in right about a month. Which I will be at. As you probably also knew already. What you don’t know already is that I want to make sure you don’t walk out of the event empty-handed. So, I’m bringing a freaking ton of art to it. Including 100 unmatted lithographs which will be priced from $10-$20 each. That was the sound of all your excuses for not buying anything at the show disappearing. There will also be a dozen or so larger lithos for $30, photographs from both of my ongoing series starting from $50 each, and paintings ranging everywhere from $80 on up to some more astronomical prices. But the point is, I’m going to be bringing a lot of stuff that’s within ease reach for the average joe to walk out with. Because I believe in helping people put art on the walls and keep art in their homes.