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From "Inappropriate Golden Books," by Josh Cooley

So, I found out about Pixar story artist Josh Cooley because of his “Inappropriate Golden Books” series, which attempts to portray the critical and definitely adult-oriented moments of popular and critically acclaimed movies into tidy little storybook scenes for the kiddies.

It’s pretty amazing, if for no other reason than the brilliantly drawn Leon: The Professional over yon.

I like Cooley’s style, which crops up in sketches and more polished work like this over on his blog. It’s loose and cartoon-y, as you’d expect, but he’s got a pretty deft sense of characterization and a confidence of line that I’ll never have.

But better than that, he’s a blast. I’ve been reading through his blog and it’s some of the funniest stuff I’ve read that isn’t Lore Sjoberg’s “Alt Text“, or a Christopher Moore novel. Which is quite refreshing in an art blog (and a reminder to me my own self that maybe things aren’t always so friggin’ serious.)

So, whether you want to see more awesome art, or just unwind and have a few snerking laughs, why not check out COOLEY! ?