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Artists In The Wild: Jonathan Foerster

Anyone remember Jonathan Foerster (@atleastwedream)? I talked about him back when MEA was having his closing reception? Well, color me surprised (and a bit happy) today as I’m browsing a link I followed from Anthony Pipkin’s Twitter (@apipkin) for 777 HD Wallpapers, and what do I see linked if not “Sonnet” by Jonathan Foerster (which was the very image I used in my post about him, nonetheless).

Now, though, the only question is: I don’t see Mr. Foerster being credited anywhere for his work (or, many of the other artists for that matter), did anyone stop to, you know, ask Jonathan his permission to use his art? I mean, while I’m all about sharing art openly, you might notice that copyright down at the bottom of my page thinks people should still merit attribution when publicly posting works. Is that really so much to ask? I mean, they’re already listing the post title, why not credit Jonathan for what I know first hand from talking with him was hours upon hours upon hours of work to create that image?

I’ll have to see if I can get ahold of him about that. In the meanwhile, you can peruse a large collection of other excellent works, but keep in mind that most of them are unattributed, and anything you like on there was done somewhere along the line by an artist who at least deserves a mention for their efforts, you know?

MEA Closing Artist: Jonathan Foerster

Sonnet, by Jonathan Foerster

"Sonnet," by Jonathan Foerster

OK, once again, in the name of full disclosure, I work for/with MEA, so, if you choose to view me discussing their closing artist of the month as a shill, well, it partially is, but keep in mind also that I’m contentious enough to only associate with and plug things that I’m willing to stand behind, yeah?

And, let’s get this out of the way first thing: Jonathan Foerster has fucking chops. Seriously. See that up there? Pure digital art. I’ve seen the print. It’s gorgeous. You can get lost in his detail work. I have. His work is fascinating to observe, especially in the large prints he makes. There’s so much to take in, so many little curves, so much detail. And, he makes it all look easy. Organic elements frequently weave into more traditional ‘digital’ geometries. Ambiguous, amorphous flare shapes such as were making headway a decade ago when MDFMK was together are tinged with branches and roots, should you inspect closely enough. It’s a painful pun, because his work is made of many, many layers in Photoshop, to insist that his work is, in fact, layered.

But it is.

"Carcer," by Jonathan Foerster

Jonathan’s a bit of a quiet guy. I met him when we hung his show for MEA, and he really is very under-spoken. Which is almost a pity, because it’s hard not to stand in front of a couple walls of his work and not be overwhelmed by a desire to ask him more about it. It’s awe-inspiring work. What it disobeys in all conventional formal art principles like subject or compostion it more than makes up for it use of contrast, color, texture, movement, and detail. The detail. It seems like there’s an endless amount of new details to notice in his work.

And, he offers very little about his work on his site, At Least We Dream. All he really offers is that after working eight years on a different site, he now does this.

Well, I for one am glad he does. To say this is among the most impressive work I’ve seen from the Indianapolis art scene is a mild understatement. This work is fantastic, in imagery, scope, and execution. And, I hear we’ll be seeing more of it at a much bigger event than MEA’s humble showing soon. But, that’s all I can say about that.

If you want to see many of these wonderful pieces in person, you’ve still got time. The closing reception is this Friday (August 6th, 2010) at Urban Element, and they’ll be up over the weekend before September’s artist goes up next week. Please, find time to come meet Jonathan at the closing. Or, at least, come see his work before it comes down early next week. It’s well and truly worth it.

If you need details, check out MEA’s Facebook event listing here.