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Itch Now On Nook, Too

This just in for all you Nook people’s feeling left out by my announcement of “Itch” on Kindle: Barnes & Noble has finally approved it and it is on sale now on the Nook site. If you’e wanting to get your post-modern horror story groove on via the Nook or Nook Color, that can now happen for a mere $2. It’s worth it, I promise. I formatted it myself. I know.

And, it’s also still available for the same price over on Kindle, if you’re in that camp (like I am). So, now two great ways to get this. You’re running out of excuses. Especially since both work on e-readers, computers, and phones.

Itch Now On Kindle

Five years ago I put the finishing touches on a short little novella called “Itch.” It was, for me, a revelationary story. It started out as an exploration of the horror genre, with which I am equal parts fascinated and terrified. It was my hope that by working through writing one myself I could better understand why they scare me so much. Along the way, to expediate fleshing out a believable character, I started giving him aspects of my own life. The story became a wandering blend of autobiography and fiction, weaving erratically between the two and, often, blurring the lines for even people who knew me.

At the time, I published a very few hand-bound copies, using custom board papers and coptic binding. It was the first book I ever laid out the signatures for myself. In short, self-publishing and “Itch” are perpetually intertwined for me. So, I feel it’s only fitting that my move to distribute “Itch” into the future of e-readers continues to be a self-published effort. What it lacks in cultural authority (there will always be more weight in a vetted, traditional publication model. As, perhaps, there ought to be), it makes up for in me making all the choices myself, from cover design to layout to font handling. I hand-coded the manuscript for what I’m first to announce is its first commercial release: on Kindle. Why Kindle? Well, because I own one (thanks, sis!) Also, because so far they’re my favorite implementation of the e-reader.

But, never fear. Once I sift through pricing terms and formatting guidelines, I plan to release on what I view as all the major players (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple, and Sony). I do, after all, support and encourage as much openness, choice, and availability as I can manage.

But, for now, Kindle is a start. So, if you used Kindle either as a device or as software on your computer, phone, or tablet, hit the link below to grab yourself the first world-wide release of my beloved horror novella. And be sure to get back to me with what you think of it.