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“iPhone Therefore iArt” Splendid Example Of Not Fearing Progress


Image created by Mike Nourse, Jon Satrom, Carl Sweets, and Melissa Porter. Apps: Satromizer, Collage, Juxtaposer, and Swissmaker.

So, via Art Fag City I found a link to this splendid exhibition from Chi-town where all the art was done using an iPhone. I’ve complained before (mostly in the photo realm) about the current anti-technology conservatism that’s plaguing art, and by being inherently nostalgic holding us back from truly exploring the new world, ideas, and business models that need to be explored. This, it strikes me, is more a step I can approve of.

Apparently this is the result of a class of ten artists who met weekly to create art in a variety of mediums with one thing in common: they were done on an iPhone. The final exhibition includes international artists as well. Some of the text in the statement is the usual over-the-top artist-grade bullshit I don’t like, but the idea still rests beautifully within it: technology doesn’t mean the end of art, just the beginning of something new.

Hit the external link below to read the full release.


Some More iPhone Sketching

So, I might have to break these off into their own category at this rate. Maybe try and do one a day or something. Anyway, here are two more iPhone sketches, one figural ant the other a cityscape. Nathan seems to have a good time with skylines so I thought I’d give it a spin myself.


One More

One more and it’s time for All Hallow’s Eve partying

Paint Sketching on the iPhone

So, I got this app what that lets me fumble around with painting on my phone, which is very cool. I’m just starting to mess around with, but this could be a very groovy way to make concepts or even entire pieces of art.