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IMA Updates Photography Policy

The Indianapolis Museum of Art announced on their blog today that they’ll be enforcing a new photography policy starting next Tuesday (March 1, 2011). For most purposes, not a lot’s changing. Don’t photograph the copyrighted or delicate art, don’t stomp on the landscaping, and for Bruce’s sake stop using Robert Indiana’s “LOVE” sculpture like a jungle gym. Yes, it’s a dreadfully awful and astoundingly tacky bit of iconic art, and no I don’t harbor anything resembling warm and fuzzy feelings for the man or his work, but it’s still a globally recognized work of art. Have some friggin’ respect, people.

Commercially, you’ll need a permit now, no excuses. That makes complete sense to me, ad should clean up the grounds a bit. Besides, at $50 a day or $250 a year, it’s not like they’re being unreasonable tyrants here. Those rates are cheaper than a lot of the models on Model Mayhem.

That’s all I got. Read up on things at the links below.