On Gesso…

Am I the only one who prefers a good latex primer to gesso? I mean, as far as things go, I don’t think anything designed to cover crayon and seal moisture is going to be less ‘archival’ than gesso, really.

Given the price difference between a 1-coat primer and even the cheapest gesso, I’m going to guess I’m probably not.

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I Gots Canvas

It’s been a busy week followed with a busy weekend, and so I’ve got less done then I would like to have (as always). New site work update in a moment, this one for Grimey co-founder Cory Long who has finished his masters (congrats old buddy!) and is soon to be moving to China to hook up with his fiancĂ© of quite some time now. And, since he’s moving, he had a “please take my stuff” party the night before graduation, and I finally remembered to take this gessoed wall-size canvas he’s had forever.

Now, to build a proper stretcher (unlike the crap I took the canvas off of) and it’s time to make another painting. I’ll try and get some concept sketches up for that once I have them.

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