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On Gesso…

Am I the only one who prefers a good latex primer to gesso? I mean, as far as things go, I don’t think anything designed to cover crayon and seal moisture is going to be less ‘archival’ than gesso, really.

Given the price difference between a 1-coat primer and even the cheapest gesso, I’m going to guess I’m probably not.

I Gots Canvas

It’s been a busy week followed with a busy weekend, and so I’ve got less done then I would like to have (as always). New site work update in a moment, this one for Grimey co-founder Cory Long who has finished his masters (congrats old buddy!) and is soon to be moving to China to hook up with his fiancé of quite some time now. And, since he’s moving, he had a “please take my stuff” party the night before graduation, and I finally remembered to take this gessoed wall-size canvas he’s had forever.

Now, to build a proper stretcher (unlike the crap I took the canvas off of) and it’s time to make another painting. I’ll try and get some concept sketches up for that once I have them.