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Long Live The King: Macbeth Promos

So, this is part of an identity system Nick and I have been working up for the Indianapolis-based Garfield Park Shakespeare Company’s next production: Macbeth. We’re still waiting for some details and such to complete the lead-up materials, and there will be some nice playbills and posters later, but for now, check out these early promos.

We decided do go with a bold, modern stance, with a largely typographic approach, and only two colors, decisions largely made based on our lack of awareness at the design stage as to what kind of printing and resources the troupe would have. We knew the take would be colonial American, though, so we offset the brutal modern design with some nods to the period. The ‘dagger’ is actually rendered from a colonial bayonet, which at the time were admittedly little more than daggers designed to be shoved into a barrel. The type face is Caslon, which is descended from a type the interwebs assure me was commonly used in colonial America. So there.

These are the fronts for the two postcards that’ll be run, and the social media image.