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Francis Ford Coppola Nails What I Haven’t Been Able To Say Succinctly In Over A Year

How does an aspiring artist bridge the gap between distribution and commerce?

We have to be very clever about those things. You have to remember that it’s only a few hundred years, if that much, that artists are working with money. Artists never got money. Artists had a patron, either the leader of the state or the duke of Weimar or somewhere, or the church, the pope. Or they had another job. I have another job. I make films. No one tells me what to do. But I make the money in the wine industry. You work another job and get up at five in the morning and write your script.

This idea of Metallica or some rock n’ roll singer being rich, that’s not necessarily going to happen anymore. Because, as we enter into a new age, maybe art will be free. Maybe the students are right. They should be able to download music and movies. I’m going to be shot for saying this. But who said art has to cost money? And therefore, who says artists have to make money?

Via A Photo Editor via a longer interview at The 99 Percent

I’ve been trying to get at exactly that same sentiment for a while. I’ve been confused as all get out by the recent whinings that art isn’t a sustainable career. Since when was art ever about the career and not the paint, the music, the words, the ideas, the motion, or the whatever? I pay my bills with web design, I spend it on beer and paint. I sell very few paintings, but I can’t see me ever stopping to paint. If you can make some money from art, bully, I’m not saying don’t be willing to sell. And, don’t be afraid to buy, actually buy, art. But, who ever promised you you’d do anything but starve as an artist?