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New Stuff On The Flickr

Just a reminder to everyone that there’s almost always a trickle of new work being added to my Flickr account as I go along, and if you haven’t checked recently there’re some photos from my various rockstar shoots (including the pop/fashion-inspired Vin Bébé shoot which I made a custom top for), a visit to my dear Aunt Bob’s, and the lovely Ms. Gracie visiting here in the fine land of Indiana. The link to my Flickr stream can always be found at the bottom of the page, and in the connect pull-out bar to your right.

[tylr-slidr userID=”50689522@N04″ groupID=””]http://www.flickr.com/photos/zedmartinez/[/tylr-slidr]

Flickr Updated

I have a tendency to forget I have a Flickr, and for ages was confused what I thought I was doing with it. Now I’ve got it, I’ll post all the pictures I take that I like but which don’t fit in to any series up on it. Easy. Also, there’re a lot more of those photos than there are series work, so, you can get a bit more mileage from the Flickr. Now, let’s see if the Flickr viewer plugin here still works…

[tylr-slidr userID=”50689522@N04″ groupID=””]http://flickr.com/photos/zedmartinez[/tylr-slidr]

Mwahahaha! That’ll do, Flickr, that’ll do.

Did I Mention I Have A Flickr?

So, I set this up the other week as a place to keep all those run-off pictures that I’d normally post here, but what don’t make it into my portfolio stuff. Those glorious odds-and-ends things I shoot as the days wear on me that I like but don’t really have a home.

It’s… a Flickr (gasp! shock!)

Up until now I’ve mostly (not) uploaded my stuff to the Grimey Studios (rather derelict) joint Flickr. But now I have my own. Booyah. And, to commemorate pointing it out to you all, how about a little embedded widget pulling a few shots I did with Sarah Sin out of Bloomington this past Sunday? It was grand old fun out in the woods, and with any luck I’ll be partnering with her to bring you some pictures the likes of which you haven’t seen from me since my halcyon days as a college student. It’ll be exciting, I promise. Or, at least, back to the business of being fucking weird. It’s been a while.

Anyway, you don’t want my inane babble. You want pretty girls. Well, have at.

[tylr-slidr userID=”50689522@N04″ groupID=””]http://www.flickr.com/photos/zedmartinez/sets/72157624291773486/[/tylr-slidr]

Flock: Now This Is a Power Browser

So, just today I installed and began putzing around with a new and exciting (to me) browser: Flock.

At it’s heart of hearts, Flock is just Firefox. It’s built on the Mozilla code, afterall. It does have the clear advantage of not chewing my computers to a grinding, chugging hault– a problem recent builds of Firefox seem to have developed much to my frustration.

But, what makes Flock exciting is how it deviates from Firefox. Flock, you see, aims to be the social browser. To that end, it calmly integrates Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, MySpace, Digg, Delicious, Picasa, Photobucket, YouTube, WordPress, Blogger, and a bit more into it. Once configured, all of your buddies from each service and their most recent updates show up in a side bar. You can quickly add links or images to your own feed with a click, or drag-and-drop.

Or, have the sidebar show you feeds. Or your Gmail. A togglable bar above the tab bar can load media feeds, letting you view all of your buddie’s vacation photos at once without having to deal with Facebook’s AJAX galleries.

Heck, I’m writing this post from Flock. Not from my admin page loaded in Flock, but from Flock’s built-in blog composer. I right-clicked on their logo there, chose “Blog This” and it got me started.

Flock is a pretty busy browser, so minimalists need not imply. But, with the increasingly social nature of my site and mingling, this might just be the thing I needed to streamline my eternally-connected life.

Sometimes, Though, Nudity Makes Art (Noah Kalina)

So, recently I posted my somewhat unexpected stance (especially from me) that nudity does not make something artsy. Last night, I was discussing it with my pal Nakul and his friend Ash, both of them distinctly opinionated and interesting debate companions. And, I suppose to make the point clear, I do think that nudity can be art, I’m just saying it isn’t by default. A square is a rhombus, a rhombus doesn’t have to be a square, yadda yadda.

1245909572_21dc2989c8But, I wanted to illustrate this point to them with a work last night and couldn’t find it. Lucky for me I have the advantage of time and internet tonight, and was able to scrounge up this photo from Noah Kalina. Without a doubt Noah Kalina is my favorite artist working in photography right now (wanna know why? start by looking here, here, here, here, and especially here). And, part of why he’s my favorite is that, despite having more topless women than a strip bar, whenever he breaks out the skin it’s always breathtaking, interesting, or so at odds with the rest of the photo that you spend the next twenty seconds trying to figure out why that girl has no shirt on. And, while it’s a trick he uses time and time again, somehow he keeps shifting the context so that while you can start skimming past them faster, it’s rare that any of them are such that you can offhandedly dismiss them.

Case in point, this screwball shot with the topless brunette on a hillside with a Big Gulp. The day I figure out exactly what this means is the day I’ll finally decide to finish reading Finnegan’s Wake. After all, the infamously complex novel might be easy sailing if I can decipher this. But that’s the magic. If the girl were clothed, this would still be a good shot for the art world (the commercial world would of course scoff it away immediately, and that’s a shame). But she’s not clothed, and that adds the extra impetus to stick with the photo, and it keeps adding back into the off-kilter atmosphere. It brings something unexpected to the scene, and just as unexplained. It adds mystery, and mystery is good.

Photo Walkabout Treks the Canal, Goes Vampire

walkaboutNick and I will once again be representing Grimey Studios and Roberts Imaging in the field as we invite everyone out for a free night of shooting, advice, and community. This time we’ll be hitting the White River Canal, downtown Indianapolis. Grab a camera, grab a friend (or two), tell a student, and meet us out there. For added fun, it’s a late shoot. We’ll be meeting at 9:00PM so we can try and catch the canal at night, with everything lit up in gorgeous and unusual colors.

This is a great photographic experience for shooters of all experience levels. For those of you just getting going you’ll have the challenge of shooting a night scene and get some experience with IS and tripods, and for you seasoned vets it never hurts to push yourself to find interest in what’s presented to you.

You can check out some shots from last week’s shoot at the Roberts Raw blog.

Nick and I also maintain a Flickr group through Roberts for anyone who shows up to any photo walkabout to post shots to, and you can find that here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/nick-and-dereks-walkabout/

As always, these photo walkabouts are free, just show up. We hope to see you there.