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Duck Duck Goose

Some shots from last Monday’s installment of Nick and Derek’s Photo Walkabout:

Girl Meets Boy, Everyone Gets Thought Bubbles

So, vermillion red is one of those underused, unloved colors. Hell, I forgot I even had some left until some little whisper in the back of my head wisely reminded me I had been experimenting with it when I painted Boy Meets Girl, Girl Is Bitch.

It’s not my favorite color, for sure. And, given my love of all things contrasty and saturated, I tend to really prefer cad red. By comparison, vermillion is more pinky, more salmony.

But, in a work hinging so highly on monochromatic schemes as this, I think vermillion might’ve ended up being my better choice anyway, that subtly off nature seems to be at home here. Maybe it’s just me.

Oh! And I finally got some more canvas. Well, duck. OK, story time: