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Before It Was Chicken Skulls…

I’ve always had a thing with masks. No getting around it, I love them. Stick me in a Halloween shop and I get paralyzed with excitement. Masks. Man, electric.

So, it’s no surprise that they crop up in my work. A lot.

And the oldest of them I still use is the (infamous to some) DJ Mace mask. Born out of boredom, and rebuilt and repainted so many times I can’t remember them all, this beastie has become somewhat representative of the darker, more industrial side of my work.

It also contributed in part to my mother crying, once. Infamous, I tell you.

Blowing the Dust Off Some College Work, Here

Alpha and Omega

Back in high school I was a member of a rock band for a fleeting moment. My experience programming drums for it would lead after the band ended to my career as DJ Mace through college. And the frontman for that band, the kid who got me going on it all, was my friend Sam Hartman.

Who’s now a member of Anagnorisis (“the point in the plot especially of a tragedy at which the protagonist recognizes his or her or some other character’s true identity or discovers the true nature of his or her own situation”. -Merriam-Webster). Anagnorisis is blackened death metal, bringing in the traditional anti-theist lyrics of the black fork and blending it with the deeper vocals and chug of the death fork. In short: they’re kinda heavy.

They’re actually, for that matter, a little heavier than I usually listen to even my music, which possibly shuffles them closer to “brutal.” But hey, you got to support your friends in life, and Anagnorisis seem to be developing rather a name for themselves.

And, I missed it, but earlier this year they started distributing their new album/ep— Alpha and Omega– free online. So, I encourage you all to slide on over to their site and give them a shot. And, I think if you like Alpha and Omega, their first album, Overton Trees, is still available from the usual digital download sources (no, iTunes, Amazon, you know, the ones where people get money for their work, silly).