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End Of The Week Reads: Composition

Sorry for the radio silence the past couple weeks, I’m a bit in-between things right now. But, I’m looking through quite a backlog of good links here, and I think next week might be art and sexuality week. C’mon, you know that sounds fun.

For right now, however,  found this, which I’d forgotten about. This is a long, but useful, read on the basics of artistic composition, which is easily the single most important thing most people with cameras don’t seem to have a grasp of that could improve their work so much more than a better lens.

I’ve probably encountered some painters with a bum sense of composition, too, but there seems to be something about paint that encourages people to worry more about composition.

Anyway, it was a good read when I found it, and it’s a good read now. Take some time this weekend and read it. If you’re new to art, it’s invaluable. If you’re seasoned, well, it’s generally worth a reminder now and then of what the basics are.