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Colours in Cultures

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So, this bit of gorgeous graphicness right here is something I saw earlier this week, and am now finding time to share with all of you who haven’t seen it. It takes a moment to read, with the spokes representing emotions and the rings representing various cultures. And, I’m not convinced that white on that gray was such a hot idea for readability (it fails the W3C’s color contrast and luminosity readability guidelines miserably, at any rate), it’s a svelte looking and informative graph once you squint your way through parsing it.

What I’ve focused on so far isn’t where cultures differ, though those are obviously of interest, but instead where they agree. Evil, Passion, Purity, and Truce (OK, those last two include silver, but silver is the “white” metal, so, it’s the same, really) are all fairly universal, it seems. The rest, less so.