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Back to Local: Christian Fillippo

"Original Firestorm," by Christian Fillippo

Been a while since I talked about a local artist, so today we’re tackling Christian Fillippo. I actually got to see some of Christian’s work back in February during an exhibit he was a part of called “Glacial Layer.” That was at the Murphey Building here in Indianapolis, which is basically my favorite place to go when I need a bit more art in my life, so it was a good time.

Christian’s work tends towards large. 3’x4′ seems to be a common size. Which works. I’ve always found that abstract / expressionist / abstract-expressionist pieces tend to convey themselves better when they’re the size of a wall. It gives the paint room to breathe, and for strokes to be strokes and splatters to be splatters. It gives everything space to have scale and texture and layer, and without a subject per se that level of paint handling becomes important, it has to be the star.