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The Art of Business (An International Affair)

Finished up some business cards for my dear Mr. Cory Long, who some of you might know as my good and long (ha!) time friend, and the co-creator of Grimey Studios and Tossers. He’s in China now, as mentioned when I wrote about doing his RokVlog! (updates to which are on hold until we find a video host more reliable than YouTube from China. So, he’s in China, and he’s teaching English. So, er, if you happen to be Chinese and reading this English and want… er.. more English? Look him up, he’s out in Shanghai.

Anyway, the cards!


If you want more of the technical, click the link for the jump, otherwise, see ya next time.



Even though Cor is leaving us all for another friggin’ continent, there’s no need to fear. That (mostly) lovable blend of intellgience, comic book geek, 13 year old boy, failsauce, pop culture lover, and awesomitude that is Cor will continue to be a part of all our lives via the upcoming RokVlog.

Cor’s taking a Sony Webbie over to China with him, and he’d said he was going to vlog for us all. And, feeling guilty about not having ever finished his site for his Japan trip, and certain that I’ll miss the big lug, I said “Hey! Not without me designing you a custom WordPress install you aren’t!” So, here’s the final mock-up for RokVlog, construction on the functional model begins this week:


Click to See Glorious Full-Size

I Gots Canvas

It’s been a busy week followed with a busy weekend, and so I’ve got less done then I would like to have (as always). New site work update in a moment, this one for Grimey co-founder Cory Long who has finished his masters (congrats old buddy!) and is soon to be moving to China to hook up with his fiancé of quite some time now. And, since he’s moving, he had a “please take my stuff” party the night before graduation, and I finally remembered to take this gessoed wall-size canvas he’s had forever.

Now, to build a proper stretcher (unlike the crap I took the canvas off of) and it’s time to make another painting. I’ll try and get some concept sketches up for that once I have them.