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ChickenBones: An Antropolis Story

So, obviously my new book–ChickenBones: An Antropolis Story– has been the big to do with me lately. Not that I think this is a bad thing. Now, I’ve talked to some friends about my rather controversial stances on traditional publishing, and how I intend to hand-format ChickenBones for the popular e-reader platforms and release it for free, but, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t make a few hand-bound copies along the way, with my usual passion for printing.

So, I’ve just spent tonight shopping online to figure out what I’ll be needing (other than a better printer. I’d love to use a print shop to run off the books, but you just can’t trust them to do the job right, especially when it comes to 2-sided printing and signatures), and I think I can safely say any bound copies of ChickenBones will be gorgeous.

I’m looking at black cloth for the covers, with a red-cloth spine. White head-band, red satin bookmark ribbon, and red moire end-papers with the famous angled flyleaves first seen in the case-bound edition of Assassins On Loan. The text block will be printed on quality linen paper with the mixed cut and torn edging, and the book will be printed in 2 colors (black and red, natch). And of course, the custom-designed dust-jacket, and ten illustrated panels inset throughout, which’ll probably be printed on matte paper.

Now, to research the best way to leaf the title onto the book cloth, and we’re looking at some truly gorgeous, if expensive to make, editions of ChickenBones coming down the pipe.

All Ten Illustrations Done, New Site Gallery

Jack of Trades

Having now finished the tenth illustration, the entire collection is complete and I’ve got it added to the site under the “other” category up at the top, there. All ten of these are for chapter intros in the upcoming book ChickenBones. I’m giving away all ten of the originals, but I will gladly release the scans for you to make your own prints, and accept commissions from the story and in this style. So, if you’re just dying for, say, a Chit-Chat to call your own, we can work that out.

Otherwise, check out all ten of them here: ChickenBones Illustrations

ChickenBones Illustrations 1-8: Updated, 1-9

So, I finished the first draft of my new novel, ChickenBones: An Antropolis Story, based on the comic that I used to run back when I had more time. So, to bring back the graphic feel of the story, which has been integral to it since the start, I’ve been doing a series of illustrations for it using the ink, splatter, and carbon pencil styling I used for the bigger art pieces back when it was a comic. I’ve finished the first eight of the ten total, and you can see them below. I’ll repost the full set of ten in the next couple of days, and add them to the galleries at that time.

Vote Zed Into Art Vs Art

So, this past Saturday I went and did the callout for Art Vs Art. Art Vs Art, for those who don’t know, is an annual local event I discovered for the first time last year where a bunch of paintings from local artist are pitted against each other in a sort of blut royale.

Basically, each painting is done in four hours with provided materials. Then, the public votes, and the top 32 go into a contest to win $4,000. Each round, the audience cheers for two paintings, whichever gets the loudest cheers goes on. The one that doesn’t has a giant wheel of death spun for it. If it’s not instant death, there’s an auction. If it’s instant death or it doesn’t sell, it gets destroyed on stage in a dramatic way (ugly stick, chainsaw, dirty sanchez…)

Anyway. That handsome picture of ChickenBones there is my entry for this year. Now, if I could ask your help here. See, we’re on the voting part. I need enough votes to get CB in the top 32 of the 134 paintings entered, otherwise it won’t make it into the competition. And, since the competition is on my birthday this year, I’d really, really, really like to see my painting get in it so I can watch people cheer for it.

So, please, click on it or the link below, go vote for it. You get three votes per email address, and I don’t see anything saying you can’t use them all on the same painting.

My First Beak Job

So, I’ve been working on the mask for the Great Chicken Skull Revival. Some of you old-skooler’s will remember that the original ones were based on my currently-defunct comic character, ChickenBones. Anyway, I was looking at the shots I posted this morning, and was realizing the beak was far too long. The bulk of the skull was formed like my more mature rendering of old CB, but the beak was the too-long narrow mistake of early CB (see reference picture from strips 1 and 83).

So, I did a beak job. A beackectomy, if you will (except not, ’cause I didn’t remove the whole thing. Just the tip. Beakumcision, maybe.) I think the results are better. But, don’t trust me, check out the gallery below and decide for yourself.

[UPDATED: New ‘point’ added to beak]