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Now This Is Viral Marketing

_9147652So, while the gigagntic vinyl sign that greeted me in the alley where I park for the dayjob (click image at right to see larger) pleased and enchanted me, it’s apparently old hat for citizens in larger US cities.

After hearing it was for a reality show, I poked around and found the news release from our local channel 13 news, which did verify it. I also found a similar article from New York three years ago. And you know what?

I still love it. The entire package is beautiful. The font is atrociously generic, the printing cheap. It’s the sort of huge-ass sign an enraged spouse might actually have made. It completely lacks branding. It’s more mysterious than anything Trent Reznor did for his Year Zero marketing (and at two stories tall, quite a bit harder to overlook.)

So, even though I’ve ruined it for you and you’re in on just what a commercial stunt it is really is, go ahead, feel free to relish in the actual creativeness of it. And, it’s still pretty awesome to think of some angry chick actually doing it…

Edited: Corrected Typo, Added Image (D’0h)

On Gesso…

Am I the only one who prefers a good latex primer to gesso? I mean, as far as things go, I don’t think anything designed to cover crayon and seal moisture is going to be less ‘archival’ than gesso, really.

Given the price difference between a 1-coat primer and even the cheapest gesso, I’m going to guess I’m probably not.