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Beta Male’s (Long Overdue) Debut Album

Beta Male Live

Remember how it’s not a secret I dig Nathan Monk? Well, in much the same way, it’s hardly a secret that I really like the musical stylings of local band Beta Male. They play in a style that Nick summed up best as “sex pop,” a really catchy blend of millennial indy rock with an 80’s twinge at the edges, and some of the best suited vocals I can name. I picked up their EP when I saw them open for Freezepop, and I long ago picked up their “Husband’s Girlfriend” EP to keep it company, but now there’s finally a full-length album. I’ve been listening to my copy since the release show, and if it disappoints in any way it’s simply that it’s not longer.

So, I don’t talk or plug music much around here. It’s not my scene, but, I’m going to encourage you all to follow a link below to the digital music purveyor of your choice and plunk down the whole $9 you need to get their album. And, if you go through Zune or Amazon, another few bucks will get you the “Husband’s Girlfriend” EP, which has my personal favorite track of theirs (“Mirror Ball”). So, all of you should be able to afford to show these guys some love, right?

iTunesBeta Male (LP)