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Art Vs Art Advanced Registration Ending

Just a quick heads up here for all the artists in the area, today is the last day to save $5 when registering for the 2011 Art vs Art painting day. Which is tomorrow. It turns out I’ll be out of the state on the 30th when the final competition is, so I’ll sadly be bowing out this year. But, for everyone else, it’s a stupid amount of fun whether you win or lose. So go ahead, go do something impulsive and register.


You can also just show up tomorrow at the right place and give them cash, provided they have materials left for you. Pre-reg is a better plan.

If you don’t know what Art vs Art is, hit the link below. It’s a pretty cool annual event here in Indy. I’m a big fan.



Vote Zed Into Art Vs Art

So, this past Saturday I went and did the callout for Art Vs Art. Art Vs Art, for those who don’t know, is an annual local event I discovered for the first time last year where a bunch of paintings from local artist are pitted against each other in a sort of blut royale.

Basically, each painting is done in four hours with provided materials. Then, the public votes, and the top 32 go into a contest to win $4,000. Each round, the audience cheers for two paintings, whichever gets the loudest cheers goes on. The one that doesn’t has a giant wheel of death spun for it. If it’s not instant death, there’s an auction. If it’s instant death or it doesn’t sell, it gets destroyed on stage in a dramatic way (ugly stick, chainsaw, dirty sanchez…)

Anyway. That handsome picture of ChickenBones there is my entry for this year. Now, if I could ask your help here. See, we’re on the voting part. I need enough votes to get CB in the top 32 of the 134 paintings entered, otherwise it won’t make it into the competition. And, since the competition is on my birthday this year, I’d really, really, really like to see my painting get in it so I can watch people cheer for it.

So, please, click on it or the link below, go vote for it. You get three votes per email address, and I don’t see anything saying you can’t use them all on the same painting.

Art vs Art 2009: The Day After

avaSo, last night was 2009’s “Art vs Art” out at the Vogue. For those who may not know, Art vs Art is an annual event here in Indy. The idea is, one weekend artists come out and have 4 hours to complete a painting with provided materials. Then, those works are put online and are voted on, and a selection (16, I think) go on to the main event. At the main event, two paintings are chosen at a time, and the audience cheers and shouts for which one it likes best, and the winner (as measured by a digital decibel meter) goes on to the next round. The loser is placed in a workhorse while a giant wheel of awful deaths is spun. Before the death is carried out, the painting gets one last shot, and an on-the-spot auction is performed, with starting prices based on the round ($150, $250, $250, or $450). If no one saves it, it’s subject to being hacked with a clever, a chainsaw, smeared with shit, pummeled by a jack-hammer, etc…

"Judith Deheading Holofernes", Caravaggio

"Judith Deheading Holofernes", Caravaggio

"The Beheading of Darth Vader," currently unknown

"The Beheading of Darth Vader," currently unknown

So, this was the first time I got to attend the main event. It was pretty fun, but I think the real fun is in being one of the artists, so next year I’ll be participating. There was an upset near the end when in the last round the darling of the show, a pop-culture homage to Caravaggio’s Judith Beheading Holofernes which became dubbed as The Beheading of Darth Vader lost to a very solid gothic piece the MC dubbed Bride of Frankenstein.

Things got a bit better afterwards, though. Despite its narrow loss, The Beheading of Darth Vader did find itself a buyer, and survived the night. The year’s grand prize winner, in a statement of what I assume was defiance (since she mumbled enough for it to be indiscernible from the audience), opted to try for more than the $3,500 prize,

"The Bride of Frankenstein", currently unknown

"The Bride of Frankenstein", currently unknown

which meant letting her work risk death at the wheel. And so of course the wheel landed on “Instant Death” and the piece was artificially separated via chainsaw. C’est la vie.

Another painting died via Dirty Sanchez. Seriously. Latex glove, bucket of manure, and some stlylish gestures ended in one painting wearing a stankstache.

There were a few nice works, though I don’t yet know who to attribute them to. Find all of them on their site (at least at the time I’m writing this) at http://www.artvsart.com/, and some of my favorites or memorable ones after the jump.