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Not Dead

No, no, I’m not dead. It’s just been a bad week for internet, having now gone through three cable modems and a wireless router so far. I think maybe the current modem is going to keep working, so I should have some internet going forwards here. Sorry for the delay. I’ve got a painting update, a few new artists to show you, and the follow-up to my post about gallery/artist/work statements that I haven’t forgot, but you’ll have to forgive me because I’m just too friggin’ beat tonight to get them up.

So, until later tomorrow, why not rub your peepers over something I’ve been picking at in the background, since I can work on it whether or not I have internet. It’s a story I had the idea for years ago, called “Aramaic Incense.” It’s all partially written and everything, so, consider this a bonus glimpse into how these sorta things come to be and don’t go assuming that anything or everything will stay the same before the final version, yeah?