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Now This Is How You Rant About A Font

I’m a bad designer. Which isn’t to say I make bad design, I like to believe I’m at least competent at that. But, in keeping with my distaste for elitest discourses on painting techniques, I am not an incredible font snob. I trie of Helvetica’s popularity, but I am not among the myriad of frothing-at-the-mouth designers shouting for blood if someone should suggest Arial. There are dozens of nearly indistinguishable Helvetica clones, and you know what? Only designers care. Seriously.

But! That said, this article from a typeface designer with a deep-seated hatred of Helvetica pleases me, if only because those previously mentioned frothy designers have set-up something of a temple around that font, and I find that more than a bit silly. Plus, I have to admit, his Aktiv Grotesque font does look clean, and if I had a couple hundred to buy the common styles and weights for my own work I would. So there.