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Win a Free Painting

Alright, so, it’s day 3 of a new year, new decade, and already I want to do something a little more exciting. And what, I ask, is more exciting than a free-to-enter drawing to win free stuff? Nothing, I’m guessing. OK, maybe a t-rex jumping a volcano on a motorcycle while saving a bikini-clad starlet of your choosing, but nothing else, certainly.

So, here’s the details: I now have a page on Facebook. Not my profile, but a proper page where you can choose to become a “fan” of me. By doing so, you basically authorize my page to post announcements and such to your stream, and you can post things on my wall and see pictures I won’t post here. And so long as you have a Facebook account, it’s free.

So, the giveaway works like this. You trot over to my page and become a fan. If I get more than 4 new fans each month, I’ll do a drawing for a free 8×12″ signed, numbered print. Every month. If you guys keep that up for a whole year, 48 or more total new fans, then I’ll do a drawing December 31st and the winner will receive a free, original, never-before-seen 2×4′ oil painting, signed, and with its original sketch included. That’s between a 300-500 buck value, right there.

So, help me get my name out there, and I’ll give you a pretty good chance to win some free swag. How can you beat that?

You can become a fan on my page by clicking the link below, or by using any of the ‘Facebook’ links in the page footers or icons next to post titles across the whole site. Gotta love options.