About Zed Martinez


A Novella

This is my autobiography. If you want to call it that. I drink too much coffee. Too much scotch. Smoke entirely too much. I'm not anyone important. Not anyone you'd remember. But I'm not crazy. It's important that you understand that, because I'm not sure I do.

I haven't seen my bathroom in seven months. Just the bathroom. The inside of my arm never stops itching. I can't keep any mirrors, Mary won't let me. Mary's mad at me, you see. Something about a promise. Except, I can't remember what it was I promised. If I could remember, maybe she'd leave me alone. And then I could go back to just being nobody. Getting nowhere. Living this dead end life. That'd be nice.

My name is unimportant. I'm nobody. A liar. This is my autobiography. Some of it is even true.

"Itch" is a horror story novella written over the course of several months in the winter of 2006-2007. It was my attempt to reconcile my fascination with horror with the fact that I have never handled watching it well. To aid in the rapid pace of writing, large parts of my life became the basis for elements of the story, with it weaving erratically between the fictional horror story and my own biography, resulting in an unsettling story.