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Itch Now On Nook, Too

This just in for all you Nook people’s feeling left out by my announcement of “Itch” on Kindle: Barnes & Noble has finally approved it and it is on sale now on the Nook site. If you’e wanting to get your post-modern horror story groove on via the Nook or Nook Color, that can now happen for a mere $2. It’s worth it, I promise. I formatted it myself. I know.

And, it’s also still available for the same price over on Kindle, if you’re in that camp (like I am). So, now two great ways to get this. You’re running out of excuses. Especially since both work on e-readers, computers, and phones.

Itch Now On Kindle

Five years ago I put the finishing touches on a short little novella called “Itch.” It was, for me, a revelationary story. It started out as an exploration of the horror genre, with which I am equal parts fascinated and terrified. It was my hope that by working through writing one myself I could better understand why they scare me so much. Along the way, to expediate fleshing out a believable character, I started giving him aspects of my own life. The story became a wandering blend of autobiography and fiction, weaving erratically between the two and, often, blurring the lines for even people who knew me.

At the time, I published a very few hand-bound copies, using custom board papers and coptic binding. It was the first book I ever laid out the signatures for myself. In short, self-publishing and “Itch” are perpetually intertwined for me. So, I feel it’s only fitting that my move to distribute “Itch” into the future of e-readers continues to be a self-published effort. What it lacks in cultural authority (there will always be more weight in a vetted, traditional publication model. As, perhaps, there ought to be), it makes up for in me making all the choices myself, from cover design to layout to font handling. I hand-coded the manuscript for what I’m first to announce is its first commercial release: on Kindle. Why Kindle? Well, because I own one (thanks, sis!) Also, because so far they’re my favorite implementation of the e-reader.

But, never fear. Once I sift through pricing terms and formatting guidelines, I plan to release on what I view as all the major players (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple, and Sony). I do, after all, support and encourage as much openness, choice, and availability as I can manage.

But, for now, Kindle is a start. So, if you used Kindle either as a device or as software on your computer, phone, or tablet, hit the link below to grab yourself the first world-wide release of my beloved horror novella. And be sure to get back to me with what you think of it.

ChickenBones: An Antropolis Story

So, obviously my new book–ChickenBones: An Antropolis Story– has been the big to do with me lately. Not that I think this is a bad thing. Now, I’ve talked to some friends about my rather controversial stances on traditional publishing, and how I intend to hand-format ChickenBones for the popular e-reader platforms and release it for free, but, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t make a few hand-bound copies along the way, with my usual passion for printing.

So, I’ve just spent tonight shopping online to figure out what I’ll be needing (other than a better printer. I’d love to use a print shop to run off the books, but you just can’t trust them to do the job right, especially when it comes to 2-sided printing and signatures), and I think I can safely say any bound copies of ChickenBones will be gorgeous.

I’m looking at black cloth for the covers, with a red-cloth spine. White head-band, red satin bookmark ribbon, and red moire end-papers with the famous angled flyleaves first seen in the case-bound edition of Assassins On Loan. The text block will be printed on quality linen paper with the mixed cut and torn edging, and the book will be printed in 2 colors (black and red, natch). And of course, the custom-designed dust-jacket, and ten illustrated panels inset throughout, which’ll probably be printed on matte paper.

Now, to research the best way to leaf the title onto the book cloth, and we’re looking at some truly gorgeous, if expensive to make, editions of ChickenBones coming down the pipe.

Not Dead

No, no, I’m not dead. It’s just been a bad week for internet, having now gone through three cable modems and a wireless router so far. I think maybe the current modem is going to keep working, so I should have some internet going forwards here. Sorry for the delay. I’ve got a painting update, a few new artists to show you, and the follow-up to my post about gallery/artist/work statements that I haven’t forgot, but you’ll have to forgive me because I’m just too friggin’ beat tonight to get them up.

So, until later tomorrow, why not rub your peepers over something I’ve been picking at in the background, since I can work on it whether or not I have internet. It’s a story I had the idea for years ago, called “Aramaic Incense.” It’s all partially written and everything, so, consider this a bonus glimpse into how these sorta things come to be and don’t go assuming that anything or everything will stay the same before the final version, yeah?

Some Nights

we once tread so often
in these halls of professions
now left to mere echoes
I stand now, and feel another sunset,
listen to the rain of another night
and try to avoid mirrors
that only show me the truth

your footsteps gone,
mine echo more loudly alone
as curtains fall, tattered, and drift
aimlessly about as burning pages
and I listen to the rain
and talk to it of absolution
and it, in turn, laughs dryly

and together we wait through the night,
and it doesn’t seem me
I see removing the mortar, removing the bricks
and leaving me in the morning
in a field of dew-glistened grass
in a fog of promises left naked
in an infinite field that still echoes
by exactly one less pair of feet.

NaNoWriMo Day 10

Official count: 15,546. Getting caught up. I need to be at 18,700 or so tomorrow to be right on task, which might not quite happen but I can try.
Again, view it online here:

Now, for a celebratory finger of the amazing Laphroaig 15 year (thank you, Audrey!), a shower, and bed. More tomorrow.