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Zed’s Not Ded

Sorry for the silence. Turns out weddings are busy times. Weird, yeah?

I’m back in the studio soon, but in the meanwhile, if you aren’t following me on Facebook you’re missing the digital doodles I’m posting as short-term fixes (and maybe a long-term practice to getting back into drawing work and not just painting).


Anyway. Check back, we’ll get back to normal operations around here shortly.

Such Grumpy People

So, working on a new concept, inspired by the doodles I’ve been seeing some very talented internet, ah, doodlers do, and commenting on my recent observations that everyone on the south side of Indianapolis seem to look so fucking unhappy all the time. They’re very sour, unpleasant, cranky, jerks on the whole. And it just seems like such a sad way to exist. You can’t even call that living. Hell, I’m a cynic and a pessimist and I think that’s a bad way to be. So, they needed a bit of cuteness injected into their lives, anyway.

As always, give’em a click to view larger.


Somehow or another this will end up a painting. You bet it will.

New Sketchpad + Michaels’ Sale = WTF?

Me: So, the recycled (green cover) sketchpad is the same price as the non-recycled (brown cover) one, what kinda asshole would buy the non-recycled one?

Nick: I probably wouldn’t have noticed there was a difference, so, me.


Cashier Lady: That’ll be _______

Me: I thought these were 40% off.

Cashier Lady: Not the green ones.

Well. That answers that, I suppose. Still, new sketchpad!

New Sketches, Maybe Upcoming Paintings?

Just thought I’d post this real quick while I wait on Aud so we can head up to Christmas with her family. Handful of recent sketches. The two formalized ones will probably see life in some form of painting. I want to go back to using my classic faceless people to work through ideas of attachment, loss, envy, and all those other emotions of the heart that I seem to ponder so much these days.