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What Oh What Could I Be Doing?

I’m certainly at work on something here, and for EclecticPond, nonetheless. What oh what could I be doing with a giant now-blue door and a theatre company? Other than, if my count is correct, my 60th extant oil painting. What oh what indeed. Stay tuned, and keep your eyes on the Twitter hashtag #ETCMcB.




“Couples Are Extra”



I’m feeling this one’s pretty well done. Give it a week or two to dry fully and I’ll get it up in the gallery.

Scenes From Antropolis #3 Update

Sure, you might’ve missed out on owning quite a few of my paintings, including a few rather popular ones. But, surely it’ll be comforting then to know I’m already back to work making new ones you’ll someday be able to pick from instead. Like this, the as-of-yet untitled third painting in my Scenes From Antropolis series. And, if you’re not sure you’re the sort of person who wants a painting of a girl in a bikini in a car with a gimp picking up a squirrel hooker from an oppossum madame… well, then I’m not sure we can be bestest of friends….


Sleep Warmly Under Columns Of Light



I have today sold an eleventh total piece as a result of my Life In Flux show, and I wish “Albert Speer” happiness with the lovely couple who now own it. You may all mentally extend them your jealousy for their totally excellent choice in paintings, and cry a single sad tear that you now won’t be able to own this one yourselves.

But, never fear, I should have a new post going up after this one in about 5… 4… 3… 2…