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A Life In Flux

I don’t honestly remember when I met Megan the first time. Certainly it was back in the booze-soaked, couch-surfing days at the end of the Grimey Studios. Almost certainly at a party, because that’s what we did. She was Liz’s friend from the bio department, and in that context I’ve known Megan (or, at least, of her) for quite a few years now.

Megan Caylor at BCSP

But, for the past two, she’s been a considerably larger part of my life. What started as an interest finally pursued after Liz’s wedding rapidly became her practically living at my apartment. Then it was actually living there. Then there were cats. Total elapsed time? A few months, tops. It happened fast, when it finally happened. Which isn’t really the interesting part. I’ve done fast before. I went from never being kissed to losing my virginity in three days, fast isn’t new.


What was new was the way everything immediately felt familiar and comfortable. A few weeks felt more like having known her a month, and rapidly we began to joke that each next month was like having been together another year. We watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, and I made cavatappi and meatballs. We went for walks in the various parks nearby, and drank coffee.

Pretty Ms. Megan

Over the course of the next 23 months, we’d deal with everything you could ask a couple to. After dating for four months, we had to drive Megan out to Texas on a broke budget so she could do some field research. She was gone all summer. We used video chat a lot.


We’ve dealt with unemployment, and moving to a new apartment. The death of a cat. Getting her first full-time job in her field. Me joining EclecticPond, and the time commitment that came with that. More field research, more weekends away. A vacation to New Orleans where my car died in Meridian, Mississippi some nine hours from home.


It was in her second field season, actually, that I realized I wasn’t bothered by the notion of marrying Megan. It took me only a drive home to decide how I would like to propose, and three months to pull it off. If I, as legendarily vocal about the nature of marriage as I am, was going to get engaged, I wanted my friends to witness it. I wanted them to be a part, and I wanted it to be a very public affirmation. I was going to need an excuse to have a lot of people around.


So I did what it is I do best. I put on a show, and was able to use it as my excuse for all my planning, worrying, and guests. Jennifer Spurgin got me a connection with Tia, who runs New Day Meadery in Fountain Square. She loved my idea and just happened to have a spare two weeks at the end of November following an auction I could use. Then the auction canceled and my little smokescreen became a full-fledged First Friday show.


Photo by Jennifer & Chris Spurgin

I made it a retrospective, and hung thirty pieces. One for each year of my life. On the sly, I painted a thirty-first piece, the culmination to my green man series. Halfway into the show, I unveiled it. Thanks to a bit of fussing by Nick, the ring was on it. And, to end my speech, I showed everyone what I really meant by life in flux.

Photo by Jennifer & Chris Spurgin

Photo by Jennifer & Chris Spurgin

Fortunately, she said yes. Thank you, Megan,for deciding to commit your life to me. I love you so much. Here’s to the next thirty years, and the next thirty after that.

Photo by Jennifer & Chris Spurgin

Photo by Jennifer & Chris Spurgin

Thanks to the joys of the modern world, you can watch the thing itself right here, if you’re into that.

Full Disclosure: I Am Now A Company Member With EclecticPond Theatre Company.


There are a lot of things in life that are bigger than I am. Celestial bodies, the oceans, Dancing With The Stars, Scottish terriers, etc… But, another thing that’s bigger than me is the NPO, an organization where people use their talents and skills to make a better world instead of more of those little numbers that represent their personal money. It’s no secret that I harbor a deep love for NPOs (I did partner with one and have mused about starting my own for ages, after all), and it should further be no secret that my favorite one in town has been EclecticPond Theatre Company. After all, I’ve been working with them for two seasons now, have shot for six productions and scheduling shoots for a seventh, and even helped them redesign their website.

So, it just makes sense at this point that I’ve talked with their creative director, and their board has voted to accept my motion to join them as a full member, rather than an associate. So, as of, well, technically this past Sunday but more officially yesterday I am now officially part of their marketing team, with aims to handle the photography and graphic design portions of things, as well as helping with their social branding and website as needed. And, have to say, I’m excited to be a part of something like this, something bigger than myself. Look for more stuff soon as I finish up my associate-style work on their production of Much Ado About Nothing, and even more once I get up to speed in my capacity for their next season when it starts.

ZmZ App Beta Coming Along

So, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve been working with the lovely Bernhard Thielen of Fourspot Project (who makes the WP Google Reader app NewsSpot that I’ve helped with graphics work on) to make an app for Zed Martinez. Since I’m a big advocate of Windows Phone, and since he’s a WP dev, it’s so far just for this platform (which I know most of you don’t use), but I’ve had the most recent beta for a couple days now, and I have to say it’s going to be a gorgeous thing. Partly this is because Windows Phone with the paradigm-formerly-known-as-metro makes it easy to make things look good, and partly it’s because the clean, whitespace-heavy design of WP apps works well with the style I’ve always used for this site. And it doesn’t hurt that Bernhard has been working hard to make it chock full of awesome features. When done, the app will support viewing blog posts, viewing and adding comments to posts, viewing galleries in a native viewer (with pinch/push zoom mechanics), the ability to view images from my Google Plus stream, links to contact and interact with me, and even a collection of wallpapers I made specially to look awesome on Windows Phone’s lockscreen. As well as a bunch of WP-specific things, like fast resume, live tiles for both the main app as well as for specific galleries, and other goodies. it’s going to be awesome, and should support all major versions of WP once we get it done.

After that, I’ll see how I feel about getting it made for you Android/iOS people out there (if you’re an iOS/Android dev who’d be willing to cut a poor artist a hot deal, let me know). But I gotta say, I can’t imagine anything for them looking as sexy as this:


















I’m On Video!

Look y’all, it’s my ugly mug in moving picture form, with those talkie “words” as well. Once you get past hat derp face of a still pull and the fact that you’re listening to me prattle on like a nonce, it’s pretty all right I think. Thanks go to the folks at Raw Artists Indianapolis for cutting this together.


ZmZ Now A Raw Artist, Exhibiting At Holiday Rawk


First MEA, now RAWartists. Just what is it with me and throwing in with organizations focused on promoting up-and-coming artists in their local markets through monthly events and showings? Oh right! That’s been one of the big things I’ve been wanting to help encourage ever since I walked out of college. How’d I go and forget a piddling thing like that?

Anyway, after signing up to be a part of the Holiday Rawk exhibition on December 6th here in Indianapolis, I am now apparently an official RAW artist, or something. I have a profile. (Profiles are like towers, having one makes you a Very Important Man.) You can see my profile thingy here, but more importantly you should go over to the Holiday Rawk event page and buy a ticket for all of $10 and tell them you’re supporting me, so they don’t kick me out of the club or something. That’d be, in this case, quite a bummer. That is all.

Townie, Revision 3

Bottle cage, tool bag, frame pump, New York Noose, teacup bell, MiNewt 350, Planet Bike Superflash stealth, Brooks B17 Aged saddle, and custom orange rims. Check.

Now, I just need one of those Soma Sparrow bars, a mirror, and a tub of squeal remover for the front disc and this Town will be perfect.