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Foxglove Images v2

Many many moons ago, when I was a younger, hungrier man (though, not that much hungrier, really) I was put in touch with a Mr. David Goodrich, a good friend of my day job who was looking to get his portfolio online. Because I was younger and stupider back then, I made him a site with largely custom updating methods that worked, but were a bit rickety. So, I’ve just finished working with him to drag his site kicking and screaming into the modern web, with the help of the TN3Gallery system. Which I adore.

Anyway, it’s all live now, after months of on-again off-again work, and I thought you all might like to go take a look at Dave’s work, which has a level of technical polish you only wish you’d ever see from me. Hit the external link, or, you know, click the giant screenshot there. Whatever works for ya.

The Bigger Picture

So, There were a lot of things I considered and that I had in mind when I made this new site. First and foremost, I want a slick, modern gallery with AJAX loading and permalinks, so you could bookmark or email your favorites. Also, I realized people want thumbnails, so that was important. And I needed it all to be easy to maintain, so I could spend more time making the art than updating it. After a lot of work, I was able to get all of that.

Next came the questions, though. The biggest of which was: how big do I make the images? I wanted them to be as big as possible, because art is better bigger. Simple fact. But, I didn’t want them bigger than the smallest average monitor’s height. It’s no good if you can’t see the whole piece in the window at one time, you know? So, I eventually settled on the size I’ve been using since this version of the site launched, and for that it’s a good compromise. But, at the current size, the nature of my paint handling becomes lost. Small details in photographs disappear. It was a working compromise, but not a good one.

So, this morning, I launched an updated viewer that now lets you mouse over an image to get a detail loupe. While a loupe also has its own compromises, I tried to alleviate those as much as I could by making it a really big loupe, almost the same size as the base image. This lets you see huge stretches of detail at a time, so you can get right in and enjoy the work the way I did when I was making it.

The catch here is a few paintings weren’t shot large enough to support the new viewer, and will need reshot before they go back up. So, a couple pieces are missing. Also, none of the lithos were shot with this in mind, so, they too will come back up later once I can reshoot them. Most of the paintings, though, The Great Chicken Skull Revival, The Gods Watch Over Us, and the ChickenBones illustrations are all updated as of now. Go, experience them properly now.

Masaccio Exchange / Status Redesigns

OK, so, these mockups show absolutely nothing small, so I’m linking the thumbnails here to full-size demos of the future of the blog layout:

masaccio-exchange-main masaccio-exchange-main

New Theme Coming… Eh, Soon

So, I’ve been revamping Roberts’ site and blog, and tweaked RokVlog a skosh, and I’m getting tired with this (admittedly functional) quick hack theme I did when I was still new to WP. I’ll try and shiny it up as per the Grimey way this week. Stay tuned.